Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Most Commented Badge in Wordpress

I'm always looking to create greater innovation and navigation options to my blogs, and instead of wading through lines of PHP and java script there's a great plugin that's makes things so much easier.

I was going to make a video for ya all but the lovely lady from 2 Create a Website beat me to it.

So I thought I would do the lovely Lisa the honor of gracing my blog, so here I present you with Lisa's great new video on how to make a dynamic most commented post badge in your Wordpress Blog.

So that's enough of me I'll let Lisa take over.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Traffic Generation Supercharged

Hi all, just thought I would throw up a post on how to speed up and be more effective in your backlinking process. If you are finding it hard to get a good number of backlinks to your site or blog then you really need to watch the video below.

Remember to visit my parent site for the Free Program Download and for many more cutting edge tips, tricks and latest Internet Marketing Strategies.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

Don’t look at internet marketing as a get rich quick scheme, the moment you think you will strike it rich in a week you sabotage your success before you even begin. Decide from the start that you are going to be a successful Internet Marketer and not just someone who sells internet marketing products to other internet marketers. Dedicate yourself to learning all the information and developing skills for a long term career in internet marketing.

Hone your writing skills, one of the fastest ways of becoming an accomplished and respected internet marketer is by writing valuable, entertaining content which solves problems or provides useful information. The more entertaining and ‘easy reading’ your content is, the better the chance you will attract a large online audience and following.

Find a reliable source of up to date information
, nothing beats having a personal mentor you can fall back on when you get stuck. Ideally at some point you will decide to sign up for internet marketing program, see if the person selling the program will provide you with mentorship or at least some ongoing support. Avoid paying for an internet program from someone just wanting to sell you something.

Be prolific, being a successful internet marketer is about having a large high quality portfolio of internet real estate, ‘websites & blogs’. Being everywhere will grant you ‘Big Brother’ status online and when you become prolific on the internet, you then become familiar to your audience and they will be more inclined to trust you.

Don’t get caught up in the hype
and purchase the new ‘amazing two week online wealth building system’, if you buy into such scams you will only become disappointed and eventually quit. Internet marketing is about guiding a market, to a product and if possible adding some value in the process.
For anyone who is considering an Internet Marketing program, you can’t go past the Profit Lance system as one of the most comprehensive Internet Marketing resources online.

If you need any help with your internet marketing endeavors, need specific information or need a solution to a sticky problem, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

I now have a completely new Internet Marketing website, with the latest info, online tools and very soon, downloads. Cant wait to see you there!

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John Salamon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get the Edge in Keyword Research

Now I know all you guys love the posts I put up showcasing new tools for internet marketing and keyword research, so I thought I would write a post on one of my new favorites.

But before I let the cat out of the bag let me just say that market and keyword research should not only be your first port of call when considering entering a new niche. But market and keyword research should form the foundation of all of your following work.

If you fail to perform proper market and keyword research, you could sabotage your campaign before it even get’s off the ground!

This will ultimately waste your time and money as you could find yourself pursuing a market that is either not viable or far too competitive already having too many large and established players.

Take my word for it, that no matter how boring you find it pays in spades to do thorough market and keyword research!

What’s really great about Keyword Spy is that you can use the affiliate and keyword research tool on the top of the website for free, a there is also a free trial available which gives access to some really cool extra features.

Though for anyone new to internet marketing the free keyword research tool on the website still provides an excellent insight into the market you’re looking to break into.

To receive the keyword information you just type in the keyword or the domain you want to gather information about and hey presto!

The results give you all the web pages using your particular keyword along with their daily advertising budget, total clicks per day and number of competitors.

All of this is highly valuable keyword research information when deciding whether or not to get your feet wet in a particular market and deciding the ways to best ways to monetize your site, whether it be through adsense, affiliates or adwords.

If you drill down further into individual websites you’re given a paid keyword overview of that site as well as the sites position for each paid keyword as well as the sites competitor’s standing, it almost seems unfair doesn’t it? And all of this is within the free section of the website!

Anyway I won’t hold you up any longer, get over there and check it out!

Parasharia web directory

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Last Samurai

Now I know in my last post I had a mention of ‘Market Samurai’ the latest and greatest internet market research tool and how it’s going to take niche researching to a whole new level.

So with this post I just want to give you a better idea of what ‘Market Samurai’ can do for you and its capabilities. In the past and even today most market research tools only provide surface data, mainly visits to sites and number of sites for particular keyword phrases. Well ‘Market Samurai’ gives you absolutely all the data you could ever need and more!

True ‘Market Samurai’ grabs the bulk of its keyword data from Google, but it’s the number crunching and the type of data provided from this wonderful tool that makes it so invaluable.

Market Samurai provides:

  • Raw Searches, just like the Google keyword tool
  • Maximum daily clicks expected for number one ranking for a given keyword
  • Percentage of phrase match searches out of broad match searches for a given keyword
  • The total number of webpages globally that mention a specific keyword term, in the same phrase and in word order
  • Total number of the webpages globally that mention all of the words in the keyword term in the title of the page
  • A keyword term competitive percentage score for each keyword term
  • Traffic trends
  • Total daily traffic that a #1 Google advertiser may expect to receive from their ads
  • Advertiser competition for keywords
  • An indicator to what you would expect to pay to be the #1 advertiser for a particular keyword in Google
  • The percentage of people who click the 31 advertisement for a given keyword in Google
  • An indicator of the chances that someone is looking to buy as opposed to browsing for information
  • The total value of traffic that a #1 ranked website could expect to receive for a given keyword
(All values are per day)

As you can see the information this Market Samurai provides gives you a much greater insight into the profitability of your potential niche and its profitability, and the data it provides here is just from the Keyword Research section of Market Samurai. There are many other tools inside this awesome program and I have been told that many more cool features are planned in future upgrades.

The program is currently Beta, but you can get a free trial version for around a week. The good news is that the keyword research facility remains open and I am told will always be free.
Anyway I strongly urge you to check out this very powerful program, it will change the way you look at keywords and internet market research.

Good luck and bye for now!
John Salamon

Market Samurai

Saturday, March 21, 2009

30 Day Challenge

Hello to all my readers, it has always been my intention to provide you with the latest internet marketing information and online tools, all the latest tips, tricks and hints which I have learnt or come across in my travels on the net, all of course totally free. If you have never heard of Ed Dale or the ’30 day challenge’, well I am about to rock your world. Whether you are just starting in the internet marketing scene or a seasoned pro, Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge is a must online resource to visit.

Of late I have been plugging the ‘paid for’ internet marketing education program ‘Profit Lance’ and don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best programs out there. But in true form to this blog, I have made a promise to my readers to provide the best possible value!

The huge news is, that the ‘Thirty day Challenge’ is a free internet marketing educational program, yep you heard me right FREE! Not only is it free but it is a high quality program comprised mostly of downloadable videos with even some exclusive trial software deals. To come clean I have been following the challenge for about five days now, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Although it’s probably more geared to beginners, it is a highly effective educational resource, a program which you should really check out!

One of the online resources which you can get exclusive access to is a very powerful program called ‘Market Samurai’, probably the most effective market research tool to see the light of day and a must have for any serious internet marketer.

Anyway I won’t keep you from checking it out any longer, I am sure you are just as excited about the program as I was when I first heard about it, just be sure to come back here once and awhile for more breaking internet marketing news and cutting edge internet marketing tips, tricks and techniques.

Feel free to preview some of the 30 Day Challenge videos in the video bar on this page!

Thirty Day Challenge

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The dirty tricks some internet marketers use!

Just recently I was surfing the net researching what new money making opportunities may have poked their head up. 'It’s always wise to watch what your competitors are doing so they don’t get away from you'.

While I was doing this I come across a youtube clip of a marketer ‘absolutely dominating’ a keyword phrase. The problem was this keyword phrase; was so long-tail and obscure my grandmother could out rank this guy on google.

I think the point this person was trying to make was that he ‘absolutely dominated’ a whole page of google for his chosen keyword phrase, therefore he must be ‘damn good’. The only thing he doesn’t say in his video is that his chosen keyword phrase is so obscure and long tail that all of his sites barely get more than two to five visits a day.

Anyway I felt so strongly about this deception that I made a video to show you how to properly gauge keyword profitability instead of just focusing on page ranking, which really is only a small portion of the BIG picture.

The Market Samurai tool in the video is a new keyword research tool still in beta, but if you leave your email in the comments section I will send you details where you can get an extended trial.

Hope you like this post.


P.S. I am currently working on a wordpress blog which will have many more features than this blogger post, one of which will be hi-quality video, I'll keep you posted!